Pulpit rock And So Our Story Began

They met for the first time at the Evans Hall of UC Berkeley, while waiting to get in their first EECS class for the first time. It was the August of 2005, and they both had just started their first semester at Cal. Noura saw this "big, scary dude" (as she later mentioned to Koosha), and Koosha just saw this "girl with a Cal hat" (as he later mentioned to her).

Yes folks, it was not love at first sight! It took them a year's worth of crazy course loads and project partnerships, couple of small obsticles that formed close friendships, and the kindness of her heart that drew them closer and closer (of course, her good looks helped, too). So, before their two years at Cal were over, they fell head over heals for one another.

Over the years, while finishing school and getting jobs in the Silicon Valley, their love grew stronger and stronger, until they both realized that they have grown to become each other's soul mates. So, he got a ring and humbly asked for her hand. (We leave it up to the readers to guess what her reply was!)

Their story has been an overwhelming journey of love. The rest, as they say, is history, and will officially be recorded as such on December 1st, 2012.

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